Call for Papers

Manycore Design – Going Beyond 8 Cores ( Vortrag )

System Design Considerations To Be Scalable Over 8 Cores

Referent: Masaki Gondo, eSOL
Vortragsreihe: Multicore
Zeit: 02. Dezember 16:45-17:25




Analyse & Design, Echtzeit/RTOS




Dual-core processors are now almost the standard - quad-cores are also abundant. We are seeing eight cores. Extrapolating the trend and its speed, a further increase in the number of processing cores is certain to come. It is clear that simple, independent AMP approaches only will not scale due to the complexities and lack of performance. In this talk, we will explore how the increasing number of cores impacts the system design - the requirements and challenges regarding both hardware and software. Then we will discuss why the legacy single-core based technologies will not scale, including their extensions such as existing multicore RTOS. A new, distributed microkernel RTOS architecture is introduced and the provided mechanisms are explained, and how they solve the scalability issues of existing solutions. System designs that can be realized by such OS architecture are discussed. A brief discussion on the importance of multicore tool support is also given.


(Tentative and may change)
* Multicore now
* Processors with more than 8 cores
* Constrains on processor designs and resulting architecture
* Challenges for software system
* Lack of scalability with the legacy single-core based technologies
* Introduction to a scalable manycore RTOS architecture
* Achieving both realtime and throughput requirements
* Application to heterogeneous architectures
* System/software designs enabled by such architecture
* Multi-manycore tools to work in concert
* Summary

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

Participants will learn what to expect for comping years, as the number of cores increase, understanding constrains of multi-manycore processor designs, and the resulting impacts to the software system. They will see how an approach based on a new architecture of RTOS can be applied to cope with the challenges, along with various multicore design aid tools to compliment.

Über den Referenten

Masaki is the Software CTO at eSOL, the company that provides RTOS and tools, as well as various engineering services. He has 20 years of experience in the field of OS architecture and related technologies for use in wide range of embedded systems. He also acts as Multicore Association SHIM Working Group chair, Vice-chair of Embedded Multicore Consortium, visiting research fellow at Advanced Multicore Processor Research Institute at Waseda University, steering committee of T-Engine forum,etc..